Stone, laminate & new-generation materials.

Richmond Project

The kitchen

You know what they say – opposites attract.

This kitchen is the perfect example – where a futuristic Dekton benchtop is the perfect partner to a statement piece of ancient, timeless marble.

Dekton by Cosentino in Domoos is not only a great looking black, but a serious performer. Super White marble doesn’t get lost behind it, with the strong grey and white colours standing proud as a piece of art.

Great benchtops are nothing without the right cabinetry – and the team at Image Shop Fitters did not disappoint!

A project by Hosking Interior Design, this black and white statement space was a great one to work on.

The laundry

Sometimes, laundries can be the most unsightly of places. But if yours looked like this – separating colours wouldn’t seem so bad.

Using Maximum Australia in Michelangelo as the bench top means that the top will withstand the wear and tear of laundry life – whilst still looking a million bucks.

The bathrooms

Warm timber cabinetry and clean white surfaces make both of these rooms #bathroomgoals.

Maximum Australia in Michelangelo creates subtle depth and warmth as the bathroom vanity and bath hob.

In the en suite, Maximum Australia Data Uni Ice in semi matte is the perfect blank canvas to allow other elements of the room to shine. What stands out in particular? Well, let’s start with that incredible wall panelling in Michelangelo Polished.