Stone, laminate & new-generation materials.

Craigburn Farm Project

Designed by Beechwood Homes, The Summit is a project which encapsulates the importance of atmosphere in a family home, whilst still maintaining a luxurious feel throughout.

With a warm and comfortable theme throughout each space, along with the allowed natural light; which streams into the home, compliments the timber accents and pops of matte black in this luxurious Adelaide home.

The home, which stands proud in Craigburn Farm, and is neighboured by Belair National Park, channels its surrounding environment, by use of earthy tones throughout each space, complimenting the rugged landscape which lies all around the property.

The Summit was designed with the family in mind, where an open plan approach maximises hubs for socializing and entertaining.

Functional surfaces installed and manufactured by SteedForm allow the home to be ultra-modern, but still functional for the everyday, busy home.

All those contrasting panels of matte black are a product called Pepper by Maximum Australia, which is not only stylish but also scratch resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant.

With the help of interior designers Broadfeather Design, each space throughout is strikingly luxurious, with a side serving of a cosy home.

The Summit is the perfect place to start for clients who are struggling to visualise the end product. Walking through each space of this home, will inevitably leave you visualising yourself and family living in a home like this.