Steed Form has stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations in surface manufacturing and custom manufacturing.

Our factory is home to one of the most unique blends of machinery, which not only enables us to execute multiple materials but also thrive in the innovation space. Our facility is unparalleled to our nationwide competitors. It provides us with the ideal platform to utilise our expertise and unlock new product areas for clients and global brands.

For industry, we can provide the knowhow and experience to rapidly bring your ideas to market, using cost-effective manufacturing processes and adhering to the highest quality standards.

  • We can collaborate with you to identify or assess new opportunities.
  • We can develop, test and prototype new products.
  • We can problem solve regarding current materials and manufacturing processes.
  • We can help you to develop a better iteration of a flagship product.
  • We can help you to develop a more cost-effective version of a flagship product.
  • We can manufacture on your behalf – from short runs to higher volumes.